Art Nouveau Cast Metal Plaque

If you know who the manufacture is or any thing about them I would love to know. 

Spectacular and incredibly stunning rare pair of pure art nouveau, manufacture unknown, heavy and solid cast iron with great brass finish plating. They pass the magnet test so they are iron.

Both are heavy, solid, clean, strong, thick, and well made!! They have a great "raised" relief artistic art nouveau design and display with tremendous nostalgia and antique charm! They each depict a woman with nature.

Fred a friend of my brothers thinks they were made around 1920.

Size 22 X 9.25 X 1.25
7.8 Pound
Size 22 X 9.50 X 1.50
7.6 Pounds
Indoor Lighting
Out Door Lighting
These are raised letters and pressed in numbers (6722 & 6723).  Some browsers show the opposite for some reason.  The pictures are better then what I can see even with a good magnifying glass. I can not make out the name, I am hoping that someone will recognize it.